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Now in these day seo word has come down and ended with online marketing….

specially I feel it binge the CEO of MANORAMA SEO SERVICE.LLP. because in these when you talk with a website owner regarding to promote their website…normally they ask a big HOW” first.

Then normally we need to give the clarification that what we can do…like the best way is SEO… But before putting the word SEO we need to say that we will do the promotion online means ultimately we can do best online marketing for your website…. online marketing includes like:-

=> Search Engine Marketing

=> Social Media Marketing

=> Email Marketing

=> Video Marketing

=> Content Marketing

=> lead Generation

=> Online Add Marketing

Then after hearing that we are taking care of full online marketing then they are showing a little interest…otherwise if we say we are only doing SEO. then form the first word they says good bye to you ’’’only one word ‘’service that we no need”.

but they don’t know if we can do the best with seo then every other service will be count as child service of seo’’’ because every other service is under the category of seo’’’’ due do the update by google like panda , penguin , nearly updated hummingbird’’ most of the website owner loss their traffic as well as the that’s why when any one proposing to do seo for them they normally say Thank you “.but they don’t know if they can using pre-seo service to recover their website ,then no body can stop them to get back with their business again .

The next step will be how we can do the recovery of a website if Google penalize. The best way of doing. it is per-seo services…in this only way we can back on track with a white certificate form Google …. We will describe the details and the process of recovery of a penalize website on our next blog post…

after reading it you all can guess it what will be happening after 3 to 4 years in the form of SEO’’’ but once we can deliver the best with our white label seo then nobody can compete with us…...

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