Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating and sharing content with your audience. It takes a bit of time and effort to get it right, but content marketing produces both short and long-term wins for estate agents.

Content marketing helps your real estate business website get found.

Like for example, if someone in your area searches for ‘how to prepare your house for sale’ and you have a blog post with that very title on the first page of Google, you can get people on your website who may not have made it there otherwise. 

It helps people be interested and stay on your website longer

By encouraging people to stay on your website for longer, you increase the chances of the fact that they will look at other pages on your site, potentially leading to registrations, valuation requests, and maybe even viewings. 

It helps to keep your website looking fresh and new

By regularly creating new content, you can make sure that people who visit your website will always be seeing something new and different.  A huge majority of people visiting your website won’t be calling you after their first visit but keeping your content fresh gives them another reason to keep coming back until they decide to get in touch.

It helps raise your brand awareness

When content is shared on social media it is seen not only by your established clients but by potential clients as well. There’s a huge range of social media platforms where you can share your content which not only helps you to reach a wider audience but also means that you get more value out of each post and can be at the front of your potential customers’ minds the next time they are looking to buy or sell. 

It helps build trust

By bringing value to your content, you increase the familiarity between you and your audience and ultimately begin to earn their trust. As a result, you are all the more likely to be seen as the right agent to help them with what they want.

Now the question that comes to your mind is.what you’re supposed to write about it, right?

The next challenge that you need to figure out is exactly what you should be writing about. A common mistake that many businesses make is to create content that is all about them. Always keep in mind that, the best blog posts are those that answer a question that your ideal client might have. 

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and ask yourself what kind of information they might be looking for from you – and that is exactly the content that you should be providing them with.

Don’t have an idea as to what your clients are searching for? Just head over to Google and type in “selling your house”. You will notice that when you enter it into the search bar, Google will come back with several similar phrases linked to that search.

 Just like this, you can find a wide range of ideas from one easy search. You can also search for specific topics to do with buying or selling or even try searching for questions that you commonly get asked by your clients.

If content marketing feels to you like a huge scary sea full of unknown creatures who don’t know anything about it, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling like that. With everything else involved in running an estate agency, it can be hard to figure out how it is going to fit on your already overloaded to-do list.

There’s absolutely no reason as to why your content marketing can’t be outsourced. You can find a freelancer through LinkedIn or work with someone who has experience in writing for estate agents. Just make sure that they provide 100% original content or this could hurt your SEO.

Contact us now and learn more ways on how to use content marketing as a tool for your estate business.

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