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Site Visitors

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Search Traffic

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Online Leads

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Conversion Rate

4 Years Working Experience

Dct Industrial


years Working Experience

DCT has been a leading industrial real estate company for 16 years, specializing in the ownership, development, acquisition, and leasing of high-quality distribution assets in logistics markets.

200% increase in engagements

88% increase in bookings

50% increase in end goal results

Our Approach


Recieve Project

DCT Industrial came to Manorama intending to improve their overall online growth and visibility. Besides, the company wanted to leverage its online channels for staffing and recruiting.Read More


Planning Work

We created everything in a clear campaign structure that was beneficial in improving the quality score and relevancy between search terms, keywords, ad copies, and landing pages.Read More


Creative Design

Manorama implemented a site redesign to facilitate easier internal processes and improve the conversion rate.Read More


Seo Optimization

Manorama’s SEO specialists worked on obtaining on-topic quality links from niche directories and sites. We implemented targeted optimization tactics, including competitor link analysis, guest posting, blog commenting, content syndication, and business directories. Read More


In 2013, DCT Industrial felt it important to differentiate itself against the competition, being in a commodity-centered industry. DCT repositioned itself by building and strengthening a market-based infrastructure, which is increasingly enabling DCT to lead the competition and outperform the competition. To do this, the DCT executives wanted to make a statement with the 2012 Annual Report.


Manorama helped DCT Industrial put a professional and confident face on the brand in a way the company has never done before. The theme, “Building toward the Future” spoke directly to the strategic growth and success DCT has enjoyed since the economic downturn recovery and the momentum they are capitalizing on – literally – for the future.

Our Precious Clients

For every industry, their customer is their livelihood. We think of all our customers as our lifetime customers. Take a look at how our customer became our salesperson.

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