MWSPL is the largest white label Digital Marketing Company in the world, with award-winning tech designed by a team of experts. We have partnered with big entities. Join our partnership program!

The benefits of working with a partner agency

We've delivered award winning results time and time again. So when you partner with OMG, you can sleep easy knowing your clients will be taken care of.

Promotional Partner

Get a kickback from referrals.

Give exclusive discounts to your customer base, and receive a commission back. It’s a win-win-win.

Authorized Reseller Program

Sell our services & earn more.

Follow a simple 6 step process to become an authorized reseller of our services & diversify your income.

White Label Partner

Add more services to your suite.

Want to offer more services while still managing your own clientele? We can work as a part of your team.

We partner with the best in the world

What’s Included in the Authorized Reseller Program

We want to partner with agencies, consultancies, and entreprenurs just like you. If you want to expand your service suite but not take on the extra workload, you can become an authorized reseller and make commission off of any services of ours you sell – and don’t worry – we’re industry experts. Your name won’t be at stake.

So, here it is! The simple 6 step process for becoming an authorized reseller:

Discovery Call

We’ll jump on a quick call to determine if our businesses would be a good fit for partnership.

Brief Training

We’ll provide 1:1 training that goes over basic things you’ll need to know about our services to sell them.

Receive A Toolkit

We’ll provide marketing materials, documentation, and various items that will help jumpstart things.

Talk With Your Clientele

Once you’ve been prepared, you’ll be able to confidently approach your audience & discuss their needs to see if SEO is in their interest.

Send A Custom Proposal

When you’ve established interest and gotten an understanding of what they are looking for, we’ll create a proposal for you to share with them.

Close & Get Commission!

If the client decides they want to move forward, you can pass them along to us, we’ll onboard them, and you’ll get paid your commission.

Let's increase your sales

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White Label



We understand that “service” isn’t just about excellent web development. That’s why we strive for clear

communications with clients based on trust and professionalism. Manorama takes pride in being

passionate about executing your business vision.

We strive to deliver more than just a satisfying experience to our clients.

We let our values shine through everything we do.